Mahogany Body, Neck Blanks, Eastern Maple, Guitar Making Templates & Jigs


As of Fri 24th May 2013 I have a selection of 59 spec LP guitar neck blanks and received a shipment of eastern maple 2 days ago, unfortunately however I am still waiting on more Body Blanks. If you would like to be put on the notification list for a guitar body blank can you contact me with your email address. I now have plenty of Les Paul top carve and body templates and have commissioned some vintage LP Headstock templates in stainless steel. For those interested please contact me.

Note to International buyers:

  Because Pay Pal does not calculate postage on a per location basis, I ask that you contact me for a postage quote for your destination. Most parcels are sent through Interparcel Australia (UPS), and Australia Post.

Mahogany Body Blanks Rough Sawn 520 x 380 x 54 $75.00 ea

Mahogany Body Blanks Planed (See Note+)520 x 380 x 45 $90.00 ea

59 Les Paul body profile One piece Mahogany Planed to 45mm  $100.00 ea $190 with routs  (See Note* & +)

59 Les Paul body profile & Neck Blank with rock maple filler etc.

$160 + postage & handling. With Curly maple contact me for a price.

59 Les Paul Neck Blank with Mahogany ears. (See Note **)

$65 ea + postage & handling (add $5 for maple filler) & $8 for Holy Oak. See price options in drop down list

Note* Body’s come in two cnfiguratons, one rough cut no control cavity routs, the other a finished Body profile with control cavity routs and wire harness channel. If you are going to do the second rout please ask for the factory template and not the Cato template, there are differences.

Note** Neck Blanks come 2.25” w, with Mahogany ears, for full generic plans please consult the links section of this site. A price option of buying the blank with rock maple filler for the truss rod channel is also available Necks are cut with a basic generic profile and will need further machining and adjustment.

Note + Blanks come in a variety of different grain patterns, some have attractive knots and figure and some don't for planed blanks and precut bodys please specify when ordering.

At present the 10% GST charged will be waved please contact me before checking out. For International buyers please contact me before checking out, prices on postage are for Australian residents only.

Paint Grade Body Blanks 520 x 380 x 45 $65.00 ea

(Contain knots and or worm holes )

Holly Oak, available as blocks or 2mm veneer sheets, $15.00 per sheet, or $50 a block Blocks are (25mm x 86mm x 192mm)

Vintage 50’s Les Paul Top Carving Templates, used with an inverted router these templates help make light work of carving your Les Paul Top. Each template has guide holes for fixing the template during carving. Please see crompo’s build on the forum for further details or ask a question. $120 ea + shipping (approx 4.5kg’s)

1959 Vintage Les Paul (Control Cavity Second Rout Template)

Made from mdf & Tasmanian Oak this template matches perfectly guitars built with plans from Eastern Maple Carved Tops and John Cato. Precision made they are indispensable if you are building a true replica guitar. $60 ea

Eastern Tiger Maple:

I have just received a new stock of eastern maple which can be seen by following this link Maple. The material can be purchased by contacting me with the billet number and I will forward a Pay Pal invoice.

Mahogany 2nd Grade Body Blanks 520 x 380 x 45 $75.00 ea

(2nd grade contain 2 or 3 knots some bigger than 4mm in diameter and an occasional well placed worm hole)

1959 Vintage Les Paul (Control Cavity & Body Templates)

Made from Low emission formaldehyde mdf, these templates used with a router will help in creating the body profile, all internal routs, and external backing plates Necessary to build a 50’s replica guitar comes complete with fact sheet $120 ea (set of 5)

If combing this with the other template options below please contact me for revised postage rates. For information on required router bits follow this link. Body Cavity Templates info sheet

Vintage 1959 Les Paul (Cellulose Nitrate Inlays)

These inlays are an exact match in both terms of materials and shape to those used in the production of the 1959 Les Paul  $85 ea

Vintage 1959 Les Paul Truss Rod Access Jig

Cnc made as prototypes from Aluminium these jigs hold a 3/4” forstner steady while the truss rod access hole is machined on the headstock of the guitar, the operation is smooth seamless and answers a lot of questions about how to complete this tricky operation. I am asking $75 ea for these, but please contact me for purchases with other items for a discount. For more information follow this link Truss Rod Jig Info Sheet

Vintage Fret Board Template (To suit StewMac Mitre System)

Precision Laser cut from Stainless steel these fret board templates conform to the rule of 18 used on vintage Les Paul’s 58 through 60 as opposed to the modern Rule of 17.817 used on modern guitars. If you wish to remain faithful to building a replica of this period this template is essential. Today I am asking $30ea for these hard to source templates.

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Vintage 1959 Les Paul Neck Profile Templates

Laser cut Stainless Steel neck profile templates. Corresponding to the 3rd and 12th frets on the guitar these templates provide a perfect reference when shaping the neck of a replica Les Paul, and also double up as a handy scraper. Like all my products these are hard to source and a huge help in making a guitar of this period. Today I am asking $20 for the pair, and when bought with other products will be discounted.

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